Monday, July 30, 2012

NW Juniors' Elite!

Kent finished 3rd in the TT, 1st in the Crit, and 2nd in the RR.
Word-RCB, by Cyclisme Juniors rode with the best this weekend in a Stage Race put on by Olympia's RAD Racing, and Rapha Clothing Company.
Champagne flying, Kent stood on the Podium with the Junior Elite.
Word-RCB rode strong in support of Kent's lead.
Our racers all improved as Stage Racers, and Kent took Second on the overall General Classification. All of our guys rode strong, and provided a respected presence for Cyclisme. 
Classy Grant McElroy stopped by to congratulate us.
Dey Shaun and Noah were in their first Stage Race of their cycling careers, and both finished - a feat in itself!

Despite a recent family vacation on the East Coast with no cycling, Keegan rode back into form quick, and on the last stage finished with the break.

RAD RACING Founder and RAPHA promoters gave thumbs up for Cyclisme.
Kent, who DNF'd his first stage race finished this one with accolades and the biggest take home prize bag and purse of his career. Winning wheels and hundreds of dollars, Kent very benevolently gave each of his team mates cash for their support. The high point of which was an all team blaze into a feed zone protecting Kent from the front.

Race promoters, racers, coaches and fans all were impressed by what they saw from our black and white jersey. The word "Cyclisme" was on the tip of everyone in the parking lot's toungue, even if the it was mis-pronounced.

Amongst such and Elite field, it was a real honor just to be a part of the action.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kent kills Classic!

Flying around an amazingly fast corner, Kent rides 4th.

Rapha and RAD RACING went above and beyond when they created a Junior Stage Race including a Road Race, a Criterium, and a Time Trial.
After an early morning twelve mile individual time trial around the Elma Municipal Airport, 
the eerie WPPS Nuclear Site was surprisingly a great location for a fast criterium. High atop a local ridge, it was immediately apparent to everyone that this was a CIA run super bunker housing alien species from all across five galaxies in an ultra modern hyper space hotel with underwater wings featuring super dense anti matter spas, all just fourteen stories below.

In a time trial equalized by a "no-aero" rule and United States Cycling Junior Gear Restrictions, Kent Ross finished 3rd in the 15-16 age group.
In race completely remade by the addition of 17-18year olds, the Criterium was extremely fast. Kent used the 17-18s as a LEAD-OUT to defeat his peers - and WON THE 15-16 CRIT!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Rapha Jr Stage Race 


 Dey'Shaun Lee

Getting up early and traveling to the Rapha NW Jr Stage Race, hosted by RAD Racing was just the beginning of an action packed racing weekend for Cyclisme Jr's and and parents .

Our start to this three stage race, was a brutal 12 mile individual TT in the Elma Washingtion wind.

Like John has always tried to teach us, your start separates the men from the boys, it was either you had a good start or you didn't.
Because this was an Elite Regional event, new faces that we couldn't yet match a speed to from Byrds, Rad, and Audi, were exciting to race with.
It was important for us to be seeing the competition that was National Caliber and who was not as tough.
 It isn't as easy to tell as just looking at the bike that they are on.

After the 12 mile TT they Jr's were lucky to be able to come back to a camp sight with plenty of food, courtesy of Karen and Trey Beggs, Lori Bernardini, and Chris O'Neill. . i have to say i was nice to be able to cool down after the race and come to a picnic table full of chili, fruit, scones, nuts and special made sandwiches.

After this race I was again reminded a good warm up is super beneficial to going good in a race. With great support from parents and teammates, we pulled it off. But some of these team are really together, and it supports their warm up. If you don't believe me ask Kent, he is the expert of this stage racing stuff.
After racing with these West Coast elite racers and talking to a few of them I really started to admire them and started to work with them in Criterium later that day.

One things is for sure, I am really proud of our team. Even without all the equipment, on another state's ground, in a different governing body, we always seemed to be in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time.

Our team was classy and rode well, while we learned a lot in our first Elite Junior Regional Event, and my first Stage Race.

Thanks Word-RCB!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Keirin at Mile Night!

Four women jump from a standing start.

Tuesday evening at the Track
the kids of b.i.k.e. welcomed  
The Bend Endurance Academy
Mile Night.

Led by Bill Wharburton, his merry band of racers drove all the way from Bend and were still game for a new discipline.

Cameron Beard, is a fast kid!

Rick Potestio's nephew, Santo Mallon.
Earlier in the day,
BEA kids were given a proper introduction to racing on the Alpenrose Velodrome by OBRA's Meg Mautner, and National Medalist Zac Kovalcik.
Then after some lunch and fun times around the Alpenrose campus, Bend Endurance Academy got their cycling clothes on and got ready to race Scratch and Keirin Races at Mile Night.
Tim Bergman rides as the dearney at the front of the Keirin practice race.
Maya explains the Olympic Sprint.

 Kids teach kids 
  how to 
 race the races.

All of this made possible by OBRA, PVC, and Alpenrose Dairy.
On the wheel of the AVC!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Eye on the prize.

Kent Ross has won so many races, OBRA made him a Cat 3 on the road. After winning all the points in a weekly points race, OBRA made him a 4 on the Track.
Now he is watching his pal Noah Beggs pedal with perfect form and score in the Cat Fives every time he races.
His trusty partner in crime Keegan O'Neil has come off a low period and won the Pursuit and Points Champs in The Fours on The Track. While Kent himself won the Silver in the Pursuit

Kent has been watching with amazement when, in the right gear, Dey Shaun "Daddy" Lee flys up on him like he is standing still.

Discipline is strong in the team.
There is a lot for Kent to see on his team right now, and it looks pretty good.

Even elder domestiques like Tim Bergmann are rising, and it makes controlling fields easy. Tim finished the State Champ 60 lap points race with the pack after working the front for Keegan.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What it is all about.

River City Bicycles, Word Web Hosting, Cyclisme Racing Programs, and The Kids of b.i.k.e. presented The Alpenrose Velodrome 
to the new Blazer Boys and Girls Club Cycling Team today.

Having trained their young protoge's for over a year back at The Club, the kids of Bicycles and Ideas for Kid's Empowerment were proud to introduce their pals from Blazer Boys and Girls Clubs of America to the steep banks of Alpenrose Velodrome.

Today was just an orientation day for drinking ice tea, eating apple slices, and walking through the basics of track racing. Meanwhile, Word-RCB racers demonstrated the Olympic Sprint, Pace Lines and The Madison Race made famous by Major Taylor.

But nobody got out of yoga.

Born to be a bicycle racer, always one to ask to go outside, never missing a class,  Blessing Jemison had been counting the days til her arrival at The Track.
Blazer kids loved it!
Everyone knew their coaches well from all the many weeks of "Rollers 101" back at "The Club."

The young Coaches like Dey Shaun Lee and Kent Ross taught pacelines and yoga with benevolence and good form.
All under the watchful eye of adults.

Tim Sicocan of Boys and Girls Club says, "it's a hit with the kids!"