Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love's Lessons!

Speed, agility, rythm, and timing are just some of the building blocks of a great team.
Dey'Shaun "Daddy" Lee returned to Alpenrose as our SECRET WEAPON!

Senior Track Champs 2013
reflected a very special strategy.

Felony Flats feet forward.

By merely being the coolest
team on the infield,
Cyclisme was able to revolutionize
the sport of cycling,

Hat coture.
and maybe,  
just maybe,

Prayers for the fallen.

      change the world

Two men of Cyclisme Lore.

Reunited, and it feels so good.
Gillian won a Bronze medal in the Cat 4 500m.

 When others were afraid 
 to go  out,
 Cyclisme capitalized 

Unafraid to stand
 for what is good,
 Cyclisme took
 to the infield
 and gave everything
 she had.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect!

Training Machine de Cyclisme.

Tim Bergmann, Cyclisme's 20 yr. vet, glues us together.

Fergus fashions himself
a sprinter.
Beginners like to play "follow the leader.

Only in a practice may folks just be themselves, and train at their own pace.

The Game is what it is.

Ian leads on Tim B, Fergus and Mr. Sicocan.
 The Cycling Community shapes a standard of speed.

Folks might seek the BAR. We can go there by any path we choose. It's our cycle-ism - our Cyclisme.

Our's is the playful, forgiving environment of familial inclusion and even outreach to
all still missing from our sport of cycling.

Cyclisme means to Portland, a team called WORD-RCB presenting the Kids of b.i.k.e.
Celebrities stop in from Italy to teach folks the Madison.

To us,

good form, 

Robin watches wistfully while waiting for her clavicle to heal.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Kids' Track Champs!

Alex, please get off my toe.  
Photos by E. Bruce & C. Cambell 
Benevolence, Good Form, Simplicity, and Team.

Fast Juniors Alex W, Willy C, and Torrien B.

Kids on the track
team have been working hard to get ready.
Track Champs 2013
Dads. Campbell, White, and Bruce added strength!
would be their showcase.

Racing in time trials and short scratch races, the children garnered two silvers and a  gold for the Lore of Cyclisme.

Master's Sprint Sunday!

First Sprint Medal in a young man's career!
Master's racing
continued Sunday with the "Sprint" side of the track discipline.
While Saturday's events were longer and more aerobic,
Sunday's events were short and anaerobic.

Trained in the 500m and the 2k, Tim B, and DD tried their hands at both days. Fergus joined them on Sunday to Sprint.