Monday, June 11, 2018

Focused on Fast!

Joshua Morris reflects on his 8.4 mile Time Trial

Aerodynamics play a big role in cycling, but especially the Individual Time Trial!

The Oregon State Champs on the road side of this event showcased just the kind of warm windy open roads that require strict attention to aerodynamics.

Podium debut.
Hard work however, plays the biggest role of all.

Joshua Morris has been working on is aerodynamic position for years. This year he pedals while in the aero bars, pretty fast, comfortably. Hard work is paying off.

Mateen Richey is just starting his individual TT career, yet in his first TT State Championship, he was called to the podium to receive the Bronze Medal.

Suffering hard work in training payed off in racing. We are happy about it.

After the race in Brownsville, Oregon in the morning, training continued. Moving north toward home, we stopped to swim at  the Dallas Aquatic Center. Then we had a half kilometer running race, that Sarah Benenate won barefoot.
Following a second lunch, we pulled over for a basketball court to work on Mateen's left hand shot.
Mateen is fashioning himself to be a High School basketball player.

b.i.k.e. is helping him pursue that dream.