Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the shadow of Larch Mountain

Before Troutdale, Fairview and the Stomping Grounds Cafe.  
An ad in Facebook and four became eight.

Justin Tutor and Crank.
Plans to attack on the first climb.
Crank dropped the hammer and us on the first climb.

Even some Crank guys got shelled.
Two leaders cranked away leaving two teammates to pursue.

There was some confusion.
Following our fearless leadership, Ian proceeded to show us Bull Run.
Ice made life interesting.

Connors knew all the roads well, and he waited for us on the climbs.
Yoga in the 65 degree sun.
Ian found the hidden valley with warm sun, no wind, and dinosaurs.
Tucked out of the wind, ice covered the roads under Larch Mtn.

Mentors for the cold road.

Allmost too cold for kids,

Cold road riding on rough roads.
Saturday's afternoon
road ride was no slouch.

Taking a left with a watchful adult on the outside.
With frost in all the valley floors, even Eastmorland had it's risks.
See-saw and loops of climbing.

Mentors mean strength in the pack and clear vision down the road.

Greg C. is showing big gains.

Captains selected unpaved roads, hardened by the frost to slow the roll.

None the less,

racers sprinted
like demons for the uphill finish at Eastmorland Park.

in the sunshine
became the primary
order of business.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Superstars like Loreful Doug Duguay, and David Auker make the razor SHARP.

Ian Connor towed, Cyclisme followed.

Insuring winter training be at it's best,
Cyclisme Racing Programs has called up some of it's most famous racers in THE LORE.

Historic hitters like Steve Martine, Doug Duguay, David Auker, and today, Ian Connor have brought vim and verve to bone chilling training this January.


Pete Smith, Joel McCarthy, and Eddie Wang love hot soup.
Tim and Ian have been friends for 20 years.

Garrison Grummel engineered a repair on the motopace mirror.

Codi made everything happen from video salsa to cliff bar soup.
Always having fun, Ian Connor jumped for joy.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Tour de Skidmore Bluffs

Cold air, warm smiles!
Big group.
Kids of b.i.k.e. stopped in at "Bike Farm."
get along with a little help
Jasmine Proctor blazes the trail.
Willie and Greg Campbell are heading into their second year of racing.
Seasoned veterans scrutinize the style of a rookie rider.
Mentors protect tired kids almost home.
maya knows how to secure piece
old friends