Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Larch Mountain

back yard 
a Cyclisme 

If you think you are a climber, and even if you are not; 
you missed it.

cool, even
on a hot day.

This sacred forest climb is one for the race journal.

Perhaps like Ventoux someone should make a pack race up this historic climb.

Bobby Dixon in his first race, Eric Lanners in his first race back from Minnesota, and Aubery Edwards in his first Hillclimb TT all marveled at the sheer intensity of such an event.

With two pros 
in the pack 
and a 
Junior National Team member 
finishing ahead of them, 
Jake was in rarified air, 
but he finished 5th on the day overall
 and 2nd in the Cat. 3s. 
Bedford was right on his wheel, 3rd in the Cat 3s.

Eric Lanners who had never been up there before 
got lost twice, coming in a respectable 55th. 
Can you believe the day he must have had? 
Poor Guy!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Jake Hansen

Reaching Goals 
feels good.

When Jake came up from the PSU Running world into the PSU Cycling Club and then to Cyclisme, he knew he wanted to get better at riding his bike.

He knew wanted to win a Tabor Race, become a Category 3, and he knew he wanted to wear a State Champ jersey.

Nowadays he enjoys all of the above. As the Cat 4 Individual Pursuit Champ, he wears the jersey, and after winning a week of Tabor in the 3s he finished 2nd Overall. 

But individual accolades have not been his trademark, having worked for his teammate Stephen Bedford he has gone from pack scared, to pack savvy!

Now a strong team is coalescing finally in the Cat 3s the way they practiced it in Rocky Rabbit days last winter.

"It's sort of a dream come true for me, and it feels good," says Jake.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Randy Word

Team Leader

Namesake of our
title sponsor 
for the 2009 
of the 
River City Montage 
era has 
out enough points to Place him in all but first in the Cat 3 Overall BAR. 

Sprinting over Skyline Blvd as if it were nothing last winter, his skills were well placed at the track this summer. He has scored as a Master and as a Cat 3. In last Sunday's Alpenrose Velodrome Challange featuring TRIPLE BAR POINTS he scored more than some small countries.

Thanks to his winter work ethic and patience with his crew, he will be rewarded with a strong band of Cat 3 compatriots to aid him on the road and the track.

Photo Credit:Wheelsin FOCUS.com

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PIR ShortTrack 7-20-09

The 1st race line up:

Jeff is in the house:
Mike Mann rails through the trees (and looks "summer casual"):

I think I see a smile here:Dave Wingard powers through the log section:
DeyShaun looking good:
Csaba and I obviously went too fast to be caught on film, and Will was there but not racing and slipped away before the tifosi could get a snapshot.

Nice racing in the heat and dust. I'm looking forward to next Monday!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Here comes the Judge!

Tell it!

Vancouver Courthouse Crit Cat 4s

Alex Lightman contained 50 people on bicycles inside a slightly uphill city block against their will without them knowing for all to see Sunday July 19th 2009 in Vancouver Washington. It was the most amazing bit of bamboozlement in the history of mammalian protuberances.

Vancouver Courthouse Crit

A Beautiful Day of Racing.

Despite getting there a little late, Naiqwan was halped by Bedford, Alex, and Jake and was propelled into a great ride finishing sixth.

In the Fours, Dave Wingard set up the team with a hot start. 
Alex and Bedford were off the front together, alone, and finally alone again.

Each time one blocked for the other.

Finally, with Bedford away, Alex made fifty bike racers slow down so slow people getting dropped caught back on.

Later in the 3s Jake won most of the primes, and then got in a five man breakaway and sprinted away from them on the last lap finishing first as well.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Mike Mann!

Racing on 
Monday evenings 
on his mountain bike, 
then his road bike 

up Tabor, the urban volcano
on Wednesdays, 

Mike Mann has hardened up to the challenge of racing in Oregon '09.

Improving his speed 
and ability to navigate squirley Cat 5 packs, 
as well as fast single track,
 Mr. Mann has become a force 
to be reckoned with 
in the Fives' Peloton.

Photo Credit: sosovelo, and oregonvelo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Track Champs Weekend

Three Word RCB
will wear 

Have some.

Three days of different track events rewarded with double points are The Oregon State Track Championships.

Friday night thirteen year old Dey Shaun Lee finished 12th in his first Category Five men's event.

Aubery Edwards and Cameron Duff finished 10th and 4th respectively.
4 Duff Cameron WordRCB 01:21.44  
10 Edwards Aubrey WordRCB 01:26.70  
12 Lee Dey Shaun WordRCB 01:31.8

Saturday the events were Sprints and Keirin. Deardorf won the Sprints in the Cat 3s and is now the State Champion.

Jake Hansen beat veteran fastman Drew Meisel of Ironclad, to win a Bronse. Cameron Duff finished seventh in is first appearance in the Fours, while Auberey Edwards finished Fifth in the Fives.
Sunday, the final day featured The Pursuits  and big Points races. A dramatic Pursuit of Luke Lebeou brought the crowd to their feet as Jake Hansen narrowly finished first and won himself a State Champ Jersey. Then in the points race, the crowd watched in awe as Jake and Bedford lapped the field twice.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Junior and Masters at PIR

DeyShaun Lee, Mike Mann, Dave Wingard and Greg O'Brien represented Cyclisme at PIR ShortTrack #3.

DeyShaun was the highlight, taking 5th place in his first mountain bike race.

Mike Mann took 9th in the Masters 45+ Cat 2 race. I was just out of the points in 16th place in the 35+ Cat 1 field, and Dave was 34th in the huge Cat 2 35+ field.

My stats, 45 minute warm-up, 30 minute race. HR avg 185 for race.