Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Bars

Stevo from Stuart stirred things up!
Various Vegan Vittles!
Michael, Robin and Kyle all rode like it was easy.
Stevo drove the pace out.

Tim Sicocan ain't jokin.
Tim "the Tounge" turned tawdry and terse.
Bustin through town, the pace out was hot!
Stevo eased up so T. Sicocan could scramble back on.
Stevo won a sprint (or 2.)
Jacobson and Nazzaro spoke of Bicycles and Ideas.
Pleasing Ms. Proctor made more stuff happen than Greenpeace!

Women from Woodstock!

 Smiles and allegiance to the food cart. It's so cold!
Maya attacks the big hill.
Finger snappin COLD!
Watching her go.

Only brave souls would proceed.

Road Captains
But brave were the women who engaged East Moreland Saturday.

Sprinting for the East Moreland Park sign twice, Gillian Bergman went early, but Robin Jacobson would have none of it.
Sarah Thomas had aspirations, but too late,
and in too big a gear.
Go, Mom!

After the second big up hill pack sprint,
nature called from behind locked doors,
Bike lane on SE 42nd.
and the quest for friendly hospitality was not fully realized until the group made it to 26th and Steele.

Benevolent to the bone, Kayleen Veatch bought everyone tacos.

Just in time too.

Home for Christmas!

When we first raced at Portland State University, Steve Martine and I traveled to races in his "college kid's VW Bug." It made a lot of noise.
Reflecting on where he is heading.

A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.
No, THIS is a shoe!
Martine pays homage to his coach!
Since then, Steven got married and became such a big-time
photographer, his stuff was featured in the NY Times.

 Today he returns to Stumptown to take in Mid-Night Mass with his Mama.

Debating fingering technique.
And to get a rash of you-know-what from his old friend and
cycling coach.

Lately we have been working on some process goals and other stuff.
See (here)

Johnny Valentine
Christmas Greetings from the Campbell men!
Today we were getting him set up, with the help of David Guettler at River City Bicycles. David and his amazing staff were extraordinarily kind.
Martine was dialed from cleat to cog by the time he left.

I left on my Tri-Met Lift  bus, satisfied my work was done.
Destination deep SE, I got my hair cut at the old school Bantam Barber
by my bicycle messenger buddy, Johnny Valentine.

When I got home, it was a pleasant surprise to open belated Christmas gifts from the flying Campbell boys.

I'm truly Blessed.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Clackamas River Cold Rain

Suffering from hypothermia, Aloha and Dallas were immediately placed in a love-sandwich.
Bergmann and Duguay with tons of Lore between them led the team out of town!
Blueberries, bananas, before the ride?
Two columns.
Eddie, Tim, on Clackamas River Road.
Super fast track man Aloha Levon was having a hard day with zippers, radios, cold, everything.
Doug Duguay and Eddie Wang covered everythang!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Stalwart Team Ride Sunday!

Photo Credit: Codi Proctor
west hills

Simple good form looked like three hours pulling off into the wind.

cruizing speed
Eddie Wang sporting sponsorship.
From River City Bicycles they drove their bicycles over the river, zipped through the city, charged up the hill into Washington Park, then flew out Skyline, and dove down Germantown Road to shoot across the St. Johns Bridge.

cresting skyline
strong Robin
Everyone was strong and knew how to work as a team to get down the road.
Traveling speed was the coveted state of being.
good practice pushing
Despite the weather, it was their's for most of the session..

 Mike and Tim
st. johns bridge
Pacelines back on the bluff of Mock's Crest, careening through traffic down to the Waterfront.
Everyone got a kick out of getting so much done in such a short time.


Saturday, December 08, 2012

Racers train!

       speed and endurance.
clothes make the man.
the thrill was hard to contain.
 One O'Clock clothes, wow!

the calm mind of the athlete

racing tactics

46 degrees out!
Despite cold air,everyone was fired up to ride.
Blessing bikes.
Great work was accomplished.
Muscularity, both physical and intellectual, was abundant.

Monday, December 03, 2012

Not rain, nor sleet...

Leading up Broadway.
The bike he DIDN'T choose.

Early Saturday morning,
Codi Proctor of
Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment
Codi Proctor of b.i.k.e. suits up Aloha.
began arranging bikes, wheels, arm-warmers, tights, rain slickers, gloves, sunglasses, and shoe covers. She was beginning an adventure that would take here late into the afternoon.
Aloha Levon arrived soon after to try out a road bike from the b.i.k.e. Program's stable of steeds.
First a small Cannondale 650b then a tiny Schwinn Paramount.

Winter pre-season is the perfect time to recruit and prepare new racers.

Sicocan likes his photos cropped this wide.

Cyclisme Lore is what guides the path of team development, and the new WORD-RCB is no exception.

A cohesive unit moved around town quickly.

Kirby and Bergmann powered Cyclisme through Raleigh hills and down to River City.
Investing in a good team ride begins well before the riding starts. Rain and winter Oregon weather means a lot of special clothes from head to toe.
Bag o snacks - nuts, dried apples and gatorade.

In pouring rain they looped from RCB through the West Hills to Beaverton, and back to RCB.
Even cold and wet, Aloha Levon is obviously destined for greatness.
All in all, it was a very successful day!
Always a source of good humor, Tim Sicocan asks: "what have I got myself into?"