Monday, September 29, 2008

Good. Real good!

What happened?

My 2 cents?

Bad start.

Some say they have a good start at 20 back, but being that far back you don't tend to move up well. Most seem to do better starting at the front, going out hard and maintaining, rather than getting stuck in traffic and having to claw back positions.

That said, Barlow was a killer.

Congrats to Jeff for a strong race after his long shoulder injury recovery, and to Mike Mann for stepping way up from last year and looking great! Nice job also to Csaba in the Mstr C's, and "Welcome to the B's" for Fergus.

Love the Barlow course, but love it much more when it's wet and muddy and 15 degrees cooler because this is a rare year.

Cyclisme represented in the house this year, with 5 of us racing, and a few cheering as well. But some teams are fast approaching as the discipline changes with the season.

Put Alpenrose on your calendar. flyers/2008/ october_5. ESPECIALLY FOR CYCLISME BEGINNERS/ CAT C's:

Greg Obrien will again offer rides, as we should really try and carpool and hang as a team. We realize we have different race times, etc., but lets try and make it work. All should arrive early, and not mind planning to get to the races at 8:00 am.

Pre-riding the course is very good. Goood! Real gooood!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cyclisme introduces Cyclocross

Bruised thighs 

were just some of the features of a day where two
of ours raced an odd discipline of cycling 
for the first time.

Hood River
is east of Portland 
up the Columbia River until about
Mount Hood, and the confluence of the river that
runs down her north slope.

There in that ancient meeting place, cyclocross is raced to  prepare for the upcoming epic, Cross Crusade.

Our Cyclisme, a young team led by 2nd and third year veterans, posted very well for itself at this dry fair outpost.

While Greg and Ariel finished 11th in their respective divisions, young Paris managed 10th. 

Csaba and Dave raced in the toughest lower divisions our team have been racing lately, but when we hit Cross Crusade, we will be representing in quite a few divisions.

There it is folks. If that aint racing, I don't know what is!

"Evil Burro man!" said Paris after finishing his first race, "Evil Burro!!"

Thursday, September 18, 2008

How much is left?

Season Change is when


Scorers save our season's success!

We are 
in a 

No doubt.

But this is 


if you 
stay up high in 
the Oregon BAR.

Fergus Kinnel, Dave Wingard, Trevor Spahr, Chris Deardorff, Csaba Kormendy and Frost have been doing some scoring for Cyclisme lately.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Setting Precedent in the Lore

rode to victory 
as a Category 4           in one 
of the 

end of the season, all category (yes, CAT 1,2,3&4) handicaps.

"I just took over the fours and got them to run a proper paceline," said the end of the evening victor.

Never before has a Cyclisme racer won this event. Especially not a cat 4.

Living up in rarified air, just take a look at some of the names he beat:
1 1730 Spahr Trevor b.i.k.e.RCB, by Cyclisme
2 2477 Zack George
3 1714 Palmer Michael
4 1346 Hiday Larry 343 Racing
5 1181 Thomson Andrew
6 1197 Rueter Michael Team Oregon
7 2341 Lemoine  Sean Team Oregon
8 1493 Deiss Julian
9 2002 Baldwin  Mark Team Oregon
10 694 Lebus Josh Bridgetown
11 176 Hamilton Chris HPChiro

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday Evening Ride gets a BONK!





until we met up with
retired b.i.k.e
Board Member
Nick Wade.

Then it got hotter!

A Stalwart 3 of the venerable Rose City Wheelman, I warned everyone to watch out.

But Nick spiced it up and everyone
played along.

Nick attacked and countered until Alex revealed his speed. Classy Nick had to get home to his beautiful wife and turned around at Cornelius Pass. Bidding him "au revoir" Cyclisme descended into the dark wet Rock Creek valley.

Upon the climb out, the wheels fell off. Despite literally STOPPING to eat, people began to experience carbo depletion. All the attacking had taken it's toll. By the time we descended Logie Trail road, people wanted into the car.

"Wow, I get the whole warm up thing," said Alex.
"I guess this is how we REALLY learn," said Glen.

Danny elected to stay on his bike and whistle wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cyclocross and Accomplishment


People had to unthank any bad habits
and learn new tricks
as Cyclisme took to
the pitch.

had to learn 
to bring
leg though 
and put it 
down hard.

Lift the bike high.
Run, run run.

ACROSS the saddle.

Practice just for our own. Danny Felts, Ariel, Alex, Jeff, Mike Mann, Sandra King, and Dave Wingard did just great as vets taught newbies the discipline of cyclocross.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rocky Rabbit returns!

He's back!

There is a price for championship. Some formulas work so well you use them again and again.

Marching out late in the afternoon Sunday  left everyone with an sense of excitement and a bit of urgency.

Good omen abounded though and one was a happy little buddhist monk who appeared as we formed our first big paceline because he just so happened  to be out walking on the top of Skyline Blvd at dusk.

Danny and Paris had big rides and Glen though suffering an uncomfortable position attacked almost constantly.

Alex Lightman now on his new bike, looks faster and more comfortable than ever.

The Rock Creek valley offered all it's usual charm. Skyline is as brutal as ever, and coming back on Highway 30 in the dark was just insane.

Two big wrong turns made for 57 miles quick.

So lives the tradition of the Lore.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Cyclisme at 2nd Kermesse

Organizing Pacelines with Other Teams isn't easy, especially in dirt.

Tight big sun glasses 
or swim goggles 
were about 
the only hope f
or keeping 
fine particulate out of your eyes.

Everywhere else on the body was just going to get dirty.

Racers watched as the bronze medalist formed up, 
and got away 
with two Portland Velo guys.
Cyclisme chased in pursuit as individuals. 
Despite open dirt roads, an organized pursuit group was out of the question.

For the winners though, 
a paceline was the order of the Day.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It takes a village!



people to really raise a child, and
Bicycles and Ideas for Kids' Empowerment
is a little village in a bicycling town.

From the dedicated kid lovers like school teacher Mike Mann, to the crazy college kids like Glen Gomez Meade to his book reading buddy Sam, to our loyal patrons at River City Bicycles, we are transforming lives one pedal stroke at a time.