Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What it's all about.

Hats off - Cyclisme caps off, to be specific, to Greg
and Danny O'Brien as they rolled up their sleeves and
did the pit work for up and coming bike racer, Dey'
Shawn Lee at his first individual time trial Sunday.

Driving him out there, getting him ready, and making
sure he arrived to the start on time were just part
and parcel of the O'Brien's tasks at the 2008 Jack
Frost Time Trial on Vancouver Lake in Vancouver.

Dey'Shawn was resplendent in a black and white
skinsuit on his white Cannondale when he raced along
the rural course. I was in the parking lot on his
return and was pleased to see his condition.

"I thought I had made it to the end, but the man said
to turn around and keep going," recounted Dey'Shawn.

His mother and sister came to watch and he was
thrilled. Surrounded by all the adults on his team, he
looked very comfortable.

That look of comfortable understanding on a kid's face
is the reward you get in bike race parking lots when
you mentor a kid into the world of bicycle racing.


4/20 Earth Day Ride & Rally-Registration is Open!

Mark your calendar! Sunday April 20th, an Earth Day celebration ride & rally starting and ending at the Native American Student and Community Center. Fun, food, festivity and a bike ride all make for an Earth Day to remember.

Register online here.

Registration is tax deductible. All proceeds go to Bicycles and Ideas For Kids Empowerment (b.i.k.e.), a Portland Oregon 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer supported organization. b.i.k.e. facilitates the development of values and life skills essential for productive citizenship in inner-city youth through bicycling, tutoring, year-round mentoring and leadership training.