Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Senior Track Champs 2015

Ben Waters took silver in the cat 4 Match Sprints

Senior Track Championships come at what feels like the middle of the season. Rain only released it's hold on the steep concrete banks a couple of months ago. But now it is time to demonstrate who has the best Team Pursuit Team in Oregon - and SW Washington?

Well it's a mirage of course. People are racing all over the place on mountain bikes, in road races, crits and time trials. Some very able teams don't partake in this OBRA thing called "Championship Track."

Best 3 out of 5 Teams.
Luckily though, despite not having run a true 4k once this year, the kind of training Cyclisme Racing programs offers, worked. It was so similar, so relevant, we went a little bit fast with 5:46 and beat some people.

All in all, we demonstrated boys could compete with men, lose barely, and be the most popular act in the house.

Crowd favorite Oly Sprinters Jaden, Willy, and Joshua.
The crowd became raucous when Joshua led out his Junior team's Olympic Sprint, almost dropping his elder teammate.
Joshua thrilled and entertained the sun baked bystanders.
It was the loudest the audience had been all day.