Thursday, October 20, 2016

Team Rides from RCB

Tualitan Mountaineers!

For Practice!
Tim starts early

Tradition cares not if it rains, or shines. Since the days of Jay Beattie and GB Cyclisme's humble beginnings at PSU, the sprint to the "stop sign ahead"
sign after the bridge off Fairmont, has been ferocious.

Rides from the East Bank of the Willamette River offer progressive stages of developing drama.
Randy, Fergus take the sprint!

From the Hawthorne
bridge to the edge of the Tualiti Mountain Range, through the core of the city is like a climb in Manhattan.
Tony, Berg and
Ferg  climb steep.

After Portland State University, the ride becomes a tour in The Alps.

By the time they reach the descent into the little valley of SW Upper,
the steep climb out demands more than anyone thought they brought.

The Chidren train on Fairmont too
But after a bathroom break at the Hilltop Cheveron, everyone is ready again for the pacelines and sprint of Fairmont Loop.