Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seattle Colonnade Park photo essay!

See an awesome skills park just 5 minutes from downtown Seattle.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cherry Pie with Extra Cherries

Sometimes a breakaway sticks, sometimes it don't.
By Jake Hansen

Early furious attacks led to Bedford, myself, and a few others getting off the front of the 90 man pack for about 30miles, in the 52 mile Cherry Pie RR.

Alex Lightman, the Professor of Blocking, ran a 30 mile seminar for the rest of the pack, keeping his teammates off the front.

All of his teaching (chasing pursuing breaks) left him rather exhausted at the base of the first climb, where the pack caught us shortly there after.

Our breakaway group worked together, but could have been schooled a little better in the art of rotating.

Once caught, our "Plan B" (forming up a lead out for the sprint) was put into effect. It didn't happen, as I crashed when somebody came jetting into me. It was my fault for being so far back in the pack.

We worked great as a team even though we didn't get the results we wanted. Alex saved our reputation in the finish. Meanwhile, we learned a lot about the art of the breakaway and put ourselves out there big in the first race of the season.

I am encouraged by Bedford and Alex's strength and know that we are going to have a great season.

Maybe next week we'll sit in and form up a lead-out as "Plan A".

See on Jake and Bedford's wheel Sean Babcock, the S&M guy who beat Tonkin and the big pros in Cyclocross.

Photo Credit:
Pat Malach of Oregon Cycling Action

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Slip & Slide

Naiqwan blurs down the slippery singletrack at the Scappoose trail network. Jeff was just ahead of him. Photo by Greg.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Beautiful spot...

We had a sandwich a ready
and a beautiful spot in the woods along Rocky Point Road,
but no one want's to eat on the side of a hill.

Top of the Mountain to ya!

When you have climbed from Hwy. 30 to the top of Rockie Point Road,
many things in life start to seem easier after that.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Pack Living!

by Catherine Cooper

Racers enter Ladds Circle! N. Pellman, C. Cooper, E. Basquez, J. Hartman, D. Lee, S. Bedford, M. Brown, J. Hansen

From a parade on Reed Parkway, to a sprint in Ladds Addition, today's Junior ride sparked teamwork through the Way of the pace line, and conversational "two column" formations.

With a smooth momentum, the juniors ate breakfast, warmed up together, and cycled across the East side of Portland .

Directeur Sportife J. Fritzgerald B. sculpted good form out of his young new team and led the racers past East Moreland Market, East Moreland Park, River City Bikes, and other bustling urban territories.

The juniors and mentors rolled through these Saturday scenes exhibiting good form, benevolence, simplicity, and team. To keep this pack riding in line and tight is where it's at.