Thursday, June 29, 2017

Beginners in Pursuit of Captains!

Word-RCB by Cyclisme

It takes a village.

Tuesday Nights at Alpenrose Velodrome feature easier endurance events like the Pursuit and the Individual Time Trial.

Verily, it's a great space to engage the beginner, then get them matched up with more experienced team mates.

Recently our Mike Heywood rode 2k in 03:03.29.
Dan "Double D" Dhonau
While the week before that, a Mile passed under the wheels of our Dan Dhonau (back right above) in just 2:34:01.
These sorts of longer intervals make people fast, quickly.

With our tent, snacks, and stationary rollers (by themselves, a training event), as well as camp chairs and camaraderie, we are making the scene slick on Tuesday Nights.