Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mile Night is Just Right!

Celeb Racers continue

to grace
Tuesday Scratch Races!


Sue Butler was interviewed at race side
by young Gillian Bergmann who is the spitting image of Sue.

Racing had the sort of family air of the earlier events kicked off and choreographed by the great Jame Carney eight weeks ago.

Mixed and diverse packs gave Juniors a chance to rub shoulders with more experienced adult and Master's racers.
Diversity also gave Gillian a great spectrum of interviewees for her budding radio/TV career.

Young Juniors fielded a four kid pack and raced two three lap scratches and one six lapper.

Everyone else raced a 2 Mile, 3 Mile, and finally a 7 Mile Scratch race.

Daryl Hemenway of Diamond Law and Derek Newel of Goon Squad brought elite competition to the race event.
In the 7 mile scratch junior Kent Ross worked to block up the field while Jake tried to get gone.
Hemingway and Newell worked together to make a powerful chase.

It was exciting!

Big thanks to these strong local racin-speedsters as their prowess sparring helps
Jake get ready for Scratch racing at NATZ!