Thursday, November 16, 2017

Chasing Chuck

The car window reflection says it all.

Getting more than we bargained for...
Last Sunday's ride from Troutdale marked a milestone in the Lore of Cyclisme Racing Programs.
For over three decades, the Sandy river valley has influenced our bicycle racing program.
Last Sunday the road to Lolo put a man on our Barlow trail, who was a much stronger rider than we bargained for.

Cyclisme Racing programs  attempt to mind the wind in pacelines with benevolence, good form, simplicity and team.
Rolling up stream on the Sandy river we always try to offer a draft to the people we fly up upon the road.
It's not easy pull off though.
Typically the car in the lead approaches the unwary lead cyclist first. That is what happend to Chuck.
 Varoom, errrhg!
Carnage on the first climb.
"Hey man, you want to ride in the draft of my cycling team coming up behind you?" I ask as he turns his head to the sound of the car next to him.
"Boy, do I!" Chuck said matter of factly.
I did a bit of a double take to examine his sincerity and said,"Okay, I will let them you know. You just pop on to the back when they come by."
"You bet!" Chuck reported back, nodding knowing approval.