Saturday, June 14, 2008

More PIR Action Fergus

Csaba was out due to a broken spoke. Dave was warming up in the
parking circle. I asked him if there was anything I could l do. He
had it more planned out than I ever do, so we agreed that we wouldn't
necessarily stick together.

I figured out about halfway through the race that I wasn't going to
get dropped. The situation revealed itself gradually. I figured out
that I liked most of the riders. Sometimes I have the opposite
opinion, for no good reason either way.

There was a bell lap and I saw Dave in full sprint mode, for a
stretch. Soon after that, I noticed he was percolating through the
pack towards me (in the back). He had a fresh glaze of sweat and
mentioned that the sprint took much out of him. He fell off the back
and I forgot to tow him back in for a moment. I think I actually

At the end, the pack was slowing down through the curves and I was all
bottled in. I don't have a strong sprint so I like to start early.
So I did. As I did my little breakaway, I forgot to invite Dave to
sit on my wheel. I'm not sure it would have helped. As expected, the
pack blew by me, but I passed someone. I'm sure track would help with
my sprinting.

The clouds were great! Warlike, windy, with handfuls of rain being
thrown at us from time to time.

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