Sunday, September 01, 2013

Senior Track Champs 2013!

Cat 4/5 Points Race Podium
Proud Cat 5 Sprinters
With the exception of Ian Connors, and Tim Bergmann,
most of the Cyclisme athletes had very little experience in
Senior State Champ caliber racing.
And without exception, they rose to shine in the final results.

Ian Connors put's his back into his attack.

Cyclisme Lore was throughout
Powerful players
defended Cyclisme Lore
in the 2013 Senior Track Championships.

Scholar Athlete.
Scheduled as a make-up
from the rained out date
just a week before,
the docket included
War wounds on display.
Points racing.

Captain Connors exudes star power.
Gillian Bergmann brought her new status as Junior Omnium Champ to the Senior Women's Champ competition, and her leisure reading to the infield.
Fergus and Tim White raced in Senior Sprints, and made it's podium for the first time.

Ian Connors led the team in the toughest competitions rolling at speeds over 36 miles per hour.

Connor's speed was also on display
in the legs of his first lieutenant
Tim Bergmann.
Bergmann won the Cat 4
Points Race Championship.


Anonymous said...

As is evident, I was very happy to win second place in the two events! Years of help from teammates and especially John paid off.
When the organizers mentioned that it was time for the podium, I said, "I wouldn't miss this for the world."
Thank you!


Ian Connors said...

Had a great time riding with the group this season. There were many things that stood out to me about this group. The yoga sessions were invaluable and helped with on bike comfort and really made it apparent specific area that need continued work. The track sessions were great; being able to spend more time in a more open format helped build better form without a lot of competitive pressure. The group was great taking time for fun but staying focused on goals and drills. And aldo to have the support and coaching that John provided was great. Much fun and looking forward to progress in 2014. Next season is here. Lets go!

Anonymous said...

Good job team and a great showing at the State games!