Monday, June 23, 2014

Lantern Rouge at Blue Ribbon

Captain Kinnell led new guy Nick.

Cyclisme signed up
and competed in three divisions of the Blue Ribbon Omnium, Sunday.

Cyclisme's participation marked Word-RCB's debut to 2014 OBRA track racing.

Saturday night track practices have been competitive, but actual OBRA racing was much, much more competitive.

Pack driven lawlessness seemed to be the order of the day. Chaotic high wall antics were often either too slow, or too fast, but tactically confounding.  Great skills were exhibited by all our Cyclisme racers as they held on to the tail of the tiger that was track racing at Alpenrose, Sunday.

Contemplating the competition.

Vast schooling was administered in the engagement. Plummeting into the speed of the Alpenrose cycling scene as of mid June 2014, four hearty souls free fell with poise and periodic promptness.

Gillian was able to go head to head with cat 1/2 women, including her old pal Hanna McDade.

Cindy Campbell pin's on Willy's number while Gillian Bergmann looks on.
Willy Campbell (13yrs old) was put at the mercy of Keegan and Kent's old whipping boy Killian Bailey. Eighteen years old now, Killian had such a turn of speed, his form seemed better suited for national caliber competition. Sleek BBC Juniors chased him with no hope of success.

Team work was implemented in the Cat 4/5 men when Fergus and Nick slung the Cyclisme bazzooka into combat. Both men scored a second place point each in the second race, a Tempo style (point a lap for 2nd and two points for first) Points race. Super Cyclisme speed strung out the pack a few times when Nick and Fergus found their way to the front and went for it.

Cindy Campbell did an awesome job of presenting race support with great nutrition set up in the shadows of some elm trees over Corner 1.

Pure and simple, Cyclisme Lore was honored by the bearing and poise our Team exhibited in their 2014 Track debut.

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