Friday, October 18, 2019

A Village for a Champion

Behavior in a young person's life, is the currency with which they purchase opportunity. Whether they are being cool amongst their peers, or being responsible amongst adults, their choices how to move and breathe manifest their lot in life.

Mateen Richey was born a quite kid. Back in the day when his high school age mentors from the Cyclisme racing program announced he was their pick from the Blazer Boys and Girls Club Kids on Bikes Program  pool of talent.  Back in 2013, he just smiled. He hardly speaks a word to this day. And today, he wins bicycle races in a variety of disciplines.

Caring teammates have been the key to Mateen's success. He rides with children and adults and practices Cyclisme's four edicts of championship: benevolence, good form, simplicity and team.

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Grace K. E. MIller said...

Well written John and very true! I couldn’t have said it any better, especially the part about our choices manifest our lot in life.