Tuesday, January 22, 2013

In the shadow of Larch Mountain

Before Troutdale, Fairview and the Stomping Grounds Cafe.  
An ad in Facebook and four became eight.

Justin Tutor and Crank.
Plans to attack on the first climb.
Crank dropped the hammer and us on the first climb.

Even some Crank guys got shelled.
Two leaders cranked away leaving two teammates to pursue.

There was some confusion.
Following our fearless leadership, Ian proceeded to show us Bull Run.
Ice made life interesting.

Connors knew all the roads well, and he waited for us on the climbs.
Yoga in the 65 degree sun.
Ian found the hidden valley with warm sun, no wind, and dinosaurs.
Tucked out of the wind, ice covered the roads under Larch Mtn.

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Joel said...

Ice, wind, gravel, a guy getting blown right off the road; that ride felt EPIC.