Sunday, January 13, 2013


Superstars like Loreful Doug Duguay, and David Auker make the razor SHARP.

Ian Connor towed, Cyclisme followed.

Insuring winter training be at it's best,
Cyclisme Racing Programs has called up some of it's most famous racers in THE LORE.

Historic hitters like Steve Martine, Doug Duguay, David Auker, and today, Ian Connor have brought vim and verve to bone chilling training this January.


Pete Smith, Joel McCarthy, and Eddie Wang love hot soup.
Tim and Ian have been friends for 20 years.

Garrison Grummel engineered a repair on the motopace mirror.

Codi made everything happen from video salsa to cliff bar soup.
Always having fun, Ian Connor jumped for joy.


BergmannT said...

Funny. I always thought of Mr. Conners as a track and crit specialists -- who knew he could tear it up on the hills?! Thanks, Ian, for coming out and showing us skill and class out and back to Rock Creek.

Thanks, John, for bringing out David A. and Ian C. to show us the next level of performance :)

Joel said...

One heck of a ride! Lost about 3 pounds on that day. I can't wait till next week. Maybe John can blast some Rocky theme music from the car to help us motor up them hills.

Eddie said...

Funny, while on those climbs, I didn't know my brain could still learn so much with all that oxygen deprivation! Thanks to the team for everything - the tips, the motivation, the buttock-kicking, the three-day-leg-recovery-ache... and especially the soup!